IMG_6218.JPGBusy, busy, busy, these school holidays are wearing me out, I am so glad I’m only the Nan. Lol. The time is going by so quickly and we still have not done some of the things we wanted to, so we will have some weekend treats to look forward to during October.
As you can see from the picture the bunny rabbit has found a home under the Poppies and they are doing so well, loving the colour.
I have bought a couple of new pieces for the garden, I am loving the blue mosaic table; I just have to get a new blue plant to put in the t-pot that Corinne gave me and that will be looking splendid.

IMG_6219.JPGI also have the new wall hanging which I love as it’s unusual, I quickly found these pots that fit but will purchase different plants to go in them, maybe a small slow growing Ivy in one of them? Any suggestions?

Jade and Mia have been enjoying themselves at the yard with the horses, Jade has now swapped and got Herbie who is far better suited for her to ride and she now spends hours there, going for hacks, mucking out, grooming and cleaning her tack. A very happy grandaughter now and Mia is watching her every move lol.





After all that work you can’t beat a good old feast at Kentucky, Zac enjoyed his first taste.


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