Izzy introduced me to frozen yogurt at the Samba place in Camden a while ago and oh my god I wish there was one in Folkestone or even Kent as it is delicious.

IMG_3361.JPGThere are about eight flavours which they change constantly and you get a tub and just help yourself to what ever ones you want. They give you tiny pots so you can taste them all before you decide. Then comes the good bit, all the toppings and there are too many to count from fresh fruit to nuts to chocolate and so much more. I was in heaven and had so many as I just could not decide lol it is all so delicious and I was in heaven, I so want to go again.


IMG_3362.JPGWe sat in there for ages eating it, Izzy’s is the one with the little chocolate eggs. After you have filled your tub up with everything you would like you take it to the counter and they weigh it. Ours came to £10 which I guess is a bit expensive but we did have an awful lot and was there ages, shame you couldn’t have seconds lol Was a great day out with Izzy and looking forward to going again.


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