I wanted to share this with you as I went through so many different emotions in one day. This happened last week, my daughter Billie had been complaining about a sore finger for months but as it had got worse and was interfering with what she was doing she decided to see the doctor. Billie thought that it may be broken. The doctor had a look and decided to send her for an X-ray so off she went to the hospital. When in the X-ray room she asked the radiologist if she could tell her if it was broken or not she replied that she would wait and see what it looked like.

After the picture was taken the radiologist asked Billie to wait outside as she just had to ring the main hospital and speak to the doctor. Billie just waited and didn’t think anything was wrong.
BUT then the woman came out and told Billie that she had something in her bone and they would fax the report over to her doctor and to go and see him that afternoon! Billie then rang me to tell me all this, our thoughts were the same; what could be in the bone? If it was arthritis as I have that and grandparents did they just send a report so it can’t be that. Bone cancer was what the thoughts and googling came up with.
I went with Billie to the doctor that evening and she hadn’t received the fax, she said she wasn’t surprised that it showed something and that was why she sent her for x Ray as she does not normally do that for a finger. We were told to wait while they contacted hospital for the report. I think we waited for 30 minutes but it felt longer, we were then told to go home and the doctor would phone Billie, even if she did not get report she would ring her to make sure she was ok……… She was ok! I was a mess!
That evening we had the phone call, it was a tumour on her finger that was destroying her bone but it was benign. Well that is the word you want to hear as nothing seems as bad then.

Billie has now seen an orthopaedic consultant and the finger has been strapped up and she has an MRI probably next week. They are saying that if they operate they will take bone from her wrist and put it in her finger but her doctor is not so keen on that idea, so we are waiting for results of MRI.

Thoughts of the C word send every emotion possible through your head and I wonder how some people live with it and appear so calm but I guess every body is different and we all react to things in our own way. Billie may have a bit of a wonky finger and pain but that is nothing compared to where our thoughts were going last week. Xx

9 thoughts on “FEELINGS IN A DAY

  1. Good to hear all is well ~ I had the same thing in my ankle (age ~ 13). Missed sports for a year, but I had completely forgotten about it until reading your post. The magic of youth, quick recovery and the mind made to make the best of every day 🙂 Take care!


  2. I’m glad Billie is OK but more to the point I’m glad you are too. It is horrible to spend a period of waiting thinking how you’ll cope if the news is bad, been there, done that.
    It’s good that the wait wasn’t days.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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