2015/01/img_3544.pngDo all bloggers go over their numbers and stats every year, every month or every week? I was a little bit obsessed ok maybe a lot obsessed at the beginning, as it’s all new and of course you want to know people are reading what you are writing about otherwise it is a complete waste of time.
This year WordPress did it all for you by sending an email with all your stats in it for the year. I find it all very interesting and sometimes surprising but it’s all good. The blog has had 8,086 views from 54 countries.


2015/01/img_3576.pngI have written 351 posts, this I was surprised at. The most popular blog post was about the Cocktail night at Googies so I am sure they had a few new customers, I should of said to say Nanny Cool sent them.
The busiest day of the year for the blog was the 28th August and the post that day was about the local music festival at Hawkinge cricket club, I am looking forward to that this year as it was a brilliant day. You can get your family membership for the year at the club and then you get in free to all the events they stage.
Some readers like to comment on the posts and my super commenter award goes to Gray Dawster, thank you so much for your support and encouragement during the year.
So that is the numbers for the blog but then each post is sent to: FaceBook-275 followers
Twitter-898 followers
Pinterest-137 followers
Instagram-41 followers
This year I will spend more time connecting with readers on Pinterest and Instagram as they are getting very popular now. I particularly love Pinterest as there are so many great ideas you can get from there.


9 thoughts on “LOOKING AT NUMBERS

  1. Great numbers, well done. I don’t think of checking mine but of course I did when hey came nicely wrapped this year and I was quite pleased with them. My report card might read Could do better though. Hope you go from strength to strength this year.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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