Don’t you just love it when the postman knocks on your door with a parcel and you know it’s your new book.

IMG_0652I very rarely read a review and fall completely in love with the book and can’t wait to read it. This book ticked all my boxes and I am actually so excited about reading it.

I wonder what it is that drives you towards a book? I cannot pin point any one thing as I feel that different books offer different things. I am reading all day to finish off my current book then tonight it will be an early night with my lovely new book.



IMG_0654I will be reviewing this as soon as I have finished, I do hope it does not let me down as I will be devastated.
This month’s Prima magazine has two writing competitions in it that include publishing contracts as prizes so it is well worth buying.

I did not win the Ann Summers erotic competition and I did get a bit despondent as I have sent off so many stories but I remembered what Trisha Ashley said to me once about how many years and books it took for her to get published so I am hanging in there and writing some more. xx


8 thoughts on “I LOVE THE POSTMAN

  1. Looking forward to your review. I am so sorry you were feeling despondent but you definitely need to get back on the horse. Writing is so personal isn’t it, criticism is so personal, as is rejection.

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      • I remember hearing a top selling author (can’t remember his name) who was demented as he had what he thought was a great manuscript but was constantly rejected. He was convinced it was not being fully read as he was an unknown, so he planted the instructions of the washing machine in the middle of it, and no one noticed. However he persevered and won some major award (again my memory is very sketchy)

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