I try not to moan on my blog at all but sometimes things just get too much and you have to let it all out. It is the not being able to understand why people would do such things and what do they get out of it. Ok if it’s teenagers maybe it is peer pressure but then that comes back to the parents to install right and wrong into them.


This is what someone did to my front hedge the other night! Yes, I was scared and frightened. Why would anyone do that? Then you have the ringing of the door bell at all hours of the night and even twice I had banging on the window. It is scary and frightening when you are on your own and I just do not understand why people do this. I am also fed up with people saying about karma as from what I know there has been no karma to anyone that deserves it.
So now I think about moving but I really like my flat and the garden as it is very close to everything and to my two daughters so all the grandchildren can walk to mine and visit on their own as soon as they start secondary school.
People say “don’t worry, it’s only kids” but that does not help me and I can’t help but worry. I thought I would feel a bit better after writing about it but I don’t.


  1. I’m sorry to hear about the yobs that did this to your hedge. It must have been very unnerving.
    Do you have a sensor light? That can scare people off.
    I hope that in time you regain your confidence and that you are able to remain living where you do.
    Take care and stay safe. X😊

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  2. That is awful. I think you are very brave being there at all after this, it would certainly unnerve me. To not feel relaxed in your own home is far from ideal. I’d definitely look into a CCTV camera.
    Do they have any idea who it is? Hopefully they do and can nip it in the bud although what was done to your hedge was a bit beyond messing about.
    Hugs to you. Your family must be worried too.

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  3. There’s never s guarantee that it is just the stupidity of kids when you can have burglars walk brazenly through your house when you’re in alone. If you don’t want to move, please consider getting a cctv camera fitted somwhere high up out of reach that can either warn them off or record anyone who approaches.B & W ones aren’t very expensive. The £ shops even do a fake that looks the job and has a flashing light.
    Stay safe
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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