After reporting the fire to the police I did not hear anything from them until yesterday when I received a letter in the post.

So that’s it, case closed. My son-in-law is putting me a new gate on the very front tomorrow and I thought I would get some sort of bell or chimes that goes off when the gate is opened then it should put anyone off if they are up to know good. I will get a dummy cctv when I see one and put that up high on the wall. I really hope the hedge grows back, I feel all open and exposed at the moment.
Thank you all for your comments, it really did mean a lot to me. xx

4 thoughts on “HEDGE FIRE

  1. I hope you’ve been able to claim on the house insurance for the cost of a gate and perhaps for new plants to replace those damaged. That way at least you won’t feel the little thugs have put you out of pocket as well.
    Hopefully apart from lighter nights, they won’t want to risk doing something in your area again in case someone recognises them.
    Lets hope you can put it all behind you now and go back to being your bright, breezy self.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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