I have spent the last couple of days playing about with this blog and trying to Improve things so now we have drop down menu’s at the top and a picture of Peaches.  It took me ages to work out how to do it all as they keep changing things.  Then I get my iPad to do this post and it’s all changed again….gggrrrrrrr

At least this has kept my mind occupied, I did end up doing it under the covers though as the first day I got so cold just sitting still for so long and I tend to get so carried away with it I don’t realise the time until it’s getting too dark to see.  Getting the picture of Peaches on the heading was a nightmare and I am not happy with it so will have to read up about how to do that as the writing looks a bit stretched and now I cannot find my original header to go back too. 

I also have a nice new gate on the front so that makes me feel a bit better but am still looking into sensor lights.I went for my acupuncture again today, it does seem to be helping a little bit or is it just that the shoulder joint is not so inflamed now.  I have arthritis in both shoulders, my neck, my back and my hands so tablets have to be taken everyday to be able to move and I am not liking this cold weather as it makes it all so much worse.  Roll on summer or a lottery win.

Picking up my new glasses tommorow, have to have two pairs now and wear them nearly all the time as my eyes are deteriorating a lot every year, I couldn’t face vari-focals yet as the thought of them made me feel very old. 

In the morning it is back to the writing and getting this manuscript finished, I am finding it hard to get back into it and I am very tempted to leave it and start another book that I have a lot of ideas about but then I will have two un-finished books.  There are a few publishers open for submissions at the moment and I have posted them on my FaceBook for everyone to see.

Please check out the new look blog at

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