What is Pinterst etiquette?  Some say not to pin too many of someone’s pins (pictures) but surely that is the idea of it and if someone pins a lot of mine or follow my board’s I feel very pleased as they must like my ideas.  

I love the choice of all the pins and the great ideas you can get about anything at all and I could spend a few hours just looking through everything that I very often get lost and there is another 2 hours I have lost.  

One of my favourite boards is my childhood as seeing pictures of something I had or a picture of something that brings back happy memories I just love. This next picture did that as I had forgotten all about these magazines, I had a huge collection and they had the words to songs In them.  Each one was a different colour and at the time I was so happy when my Nan or Grandad bought me one in fact after a while as I liked them so much they had it delivered to the house with the newspaper. I was the envy of my friends then as I always got it first and took it to school.

As an author you can make a board about your books or one board for each book and then the reviews and comments about it.

A blogger can have their blog and all their posts on a board, or a board about different topics they talk about on their blog.

You can adjust it to what ever you do so that it puts you in the public eye and create more exposure for yourself. 

Follow me or my boards or just pin my pins, I really don’t mind.  Get creating and let me know and I will follow you or your books. x

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