I am in love, can you be in love with a cafe/bistro restaurant?  Why have I not been here before, they have been open for nearly a year!  Amy and Abbi have hit on a brilliant idea and it is working very well, with different floors, levels and many tables with the whole place scattered with antiques from clothes, pictures, pots to even a lovely old rocking horse.  The lights or should I say chandeliers need a room of their own as they are beautiful and set the areas of with a touch of class.  The menus are vast and very different, presented on a clip board so you can see the full selection from the different days of the week.   I went there today and for a Saturday afternoon they were very busy but still had the time for a quick chat, the atmosphere is so welcoming and cosy so makes it a nice place for a single woman to go for dinner or a drink.   


I am looking forward to a Sunday lunch and will definitely be letting you all know about it.  I wish I had visited this wonderful place a bit earlier today as the smoked salmon and scrambled egg would of been a pleasure to try and of course a Buck’s Fizz to go with it. 


There are many events catered for here including Folkestone Freedom Writers which is held every two weeks and the first Friday of the month they have a party night, sounds good so I will have to attend just so I can blog about it!   

The back ground music is lovely and mellow and just blends into the surroundings so well.  I will leave you now with a few pictures of this great place, please don’t forget to say that Nanny Cool sent you here as you will not be disappointed.  


I will definitely have to post pictures of all the cocktails! Lol  


Ladies, what is better than this? You can eat cake, drink cocktails and purchase clothes or one off antiques to take home and look at and dream about going back again! Lol  


Will post the wine list next time, I am so looking forward to going back again and I would recommend this place to everyone as I think it will appeal to such a wide variety of people.  Well done Amy and Abbi you have made FOLLIES a wonderful place, well done ladies. xx

4 thoughts on “FOLLIES BISTRO

  1. It’s hard not to love the sound of these places the way you enthuse about them. I hope they know what a sterling job you do of spreading their name worldwide. There’ll be package tours heading thee before long.
    I hope you enjoy your Sunday lunch , can you get the Yorkshire pudding in an envelope for me, and maybe a bit of beef and a roast spud?
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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