Another grandaughter becomes a teenager!  So pleased I am just the Nan as it is no simple matter to bring up kids now and keep them on the straight and narrow.  With so many outlets on social media you have to follow them on everything and keep up with the latest trends and I’m not talking clothes.  Peer pressure is worse than it has ever been and you have to be extremely strong to rise above it.  I guess we all do our best at parenting and considering you don’t get a book most of us do ok, yes, we make mistakes but that’s life and you carry on making some till the end.  It is a shame we don’t get a practise run as I would love to start again! 

We all went out for dinner last night and I thought I would try the trend of one nail all glittery and nice. 


It does not look good for very long as by the time I got to the resturant half was off and I am pretty sure I will be finding bits of glitter everywhere for the next week.  I guess there must be a knack to this nail art? 

Izzy came round and did my hoovering for me so we went to Starbucks for coffee, well actually Izzy wanted some sort of tea that she had seen advertised but I ordered mine first and they didn’t have hers so she had to have hot chocolate.  We will be going to Costa in the week to see if they have it there!  Advertising is costing us Nan’s a lot of money! Lol  


The Easter holidays are going very quick and there never seems enough time to do everything but they are all enjoying themselves so that’s the main thing. We have a nice hot few days coming this week at last so may the most of it.  Have a good week everyone x 


4 thoughts on “JADES BIRTHDAY

  1. Half the fun of being a grandparent is so you can tell your children what a mistake they may be making with their own children by doing the exact same thing we did to them. Well, that and giving the kids back at the end of the day when we need a nap.
    Have a Great Week and good luck at Costa.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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