Not that we need a reason to buy notebooks but it is very good when we can say that we just had to buy new notebooks, pens and accessories as it is National Stationery Week.  Like a lot of authors I have a weekness for notebooks, some of them are just so lovely I don’t like to use them!  The above one my friend made for me and I have all bits in it from my travels, I just wish I had starting collecting things earlier as I went to a few countries when younger.

I had a quick look on Amazon and Pinterest this morning and these are some of the notebooks I found. 


I just love the Paris one with the camera.  Which one do you like best? Will you be buying anything this week? I guess that’s the trouble now a days as you do not have to even go out to the shops.  Many different designs can be found on the Internet and delivery is so quick.  I seem to always find things I need on EBay and have to stop myself looking because there are just too many bargains! 



  1. I have a stockpile of notebooks and pretty stationery. I am a total sucker for it. I have to be very careful in stationery stores. I find it very hard not to buy something. I LOVE the book your friend made you. I can’t believe I don’t have a Pinterest stationery board. I’m going to start one. Thanks!

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  2. I enjoy notebooks way too much – knowing there’s a national stationary week is bad news for my wallet, haha. I really like the apple shaped book, that’s so clever! I’ve seen some really creative versions on Etsy, take a look at this:

    How do you even write in that?!

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