I went along to the NSPCC Plant Fair which was held in the grounds of Saltwood Castle, what a brilliant location with beautiful gardens, I particularly liked the kitchen garden which had so much growing there.

This castle is so old and not habitable anymore which is a shame as I am sure it would be glorious. It has been in the Clark family for a number of years and now Jane Clark looks after the gardens.  

Every entrant to the castle yesterday received a pack of seed, Forget-me-not. What a brilliant idea and am looking forward to planting mine and watching them grow.  


There were so many plants and stalls to look at and I could of spent a fortune on the plants and small trees, so many different varieties which I had never heard of and ones for just about every type of soil and position.  The herbs were all smelling lovely.  I forgot to ask them why there was not any Basil to buy anywhere?  I am guessing it maybe a bit too early in the season for it yet.

There is even some old cars in the garage that actually work and are started every month by the caretaker, they are in superb condition and I am sure would of bought back a lot of memories for the many people that saw them yesterday.  


Yes, there was even some gnomes to buy, I really loved the black and white cats how adorable they would look in my garden.  I did buy a nice pink pot for indoors, I just have to get a new plant to go in it.  I had a lovely day walking round and looking at everything, then sitting and having a coffee in the colourful garden.

Legs were sore but well worth it and I will definitely go along next year and probably take a bit more money and buy more plants. I could not believe this lovely place is only about ten minutes from me and I have never been there before, we really must make more of an effort to see and explore what is on our doorsteps.  Have a brilliant Sunday everyone, it’s raining here in Kent but no surprise as it is a bank holiday weekend!  The only good thing is my new plants will all get a good watering and my water butt will fill up again, there is always some positives lol. x

13 thoughts on “SALTWOOD CASTLE, KENT

  1. Sounds like a great place to spend the day. It`s amazing what goes on around you in the UK, it took me quite a while when I was in Maidstone to find all the produce markets and fairs. they do seem a bit expensive sometimes especially if there is no entrance fee.Maidstone market used to be a great place to go for bargains until they rebuilt it, now it`s all new Chinese stuff there and out of date food.

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  2. I’m glad you had such a great day there but I’m a little worried as there was no mention of refreshments. No coffee and cake ! You’ll be getting withdrawal symptoms.
    Have a Wonderful week
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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