Today was our monthly lunch date, it seems so long since the last one and I think we were all looking forward to today.  It was Sylvies choice of venue it being her birthday lunch, a young 21 again.  ๐Ÿ˜ฎ  We went to The Neptune in Dymchurch, Kent  where they do a carvery and help yourself to vegetables and potatoes, very good value for ยฃ6.  The lunch did not start well though as they refused to do a tab, ie where you pay at the end.  So as we ordered the drinks we then had to order all the meals and pay before we could even sit down!  This is the first place we have had this and I found it extremely annoying.  There was 9 of us today so we couldn’t exactly do a runner out the door, we decided that one person pay it and then we would split it and then give money to that person.  Then we had to do the same with dessert.  We did decide that we would not be going there again as that was just too much mucking about and not want you want when your going for a nice lunch date with friends.  The carvery was a bit slow and then we asked for a slice of each meat and they said no, you have to pay another ยฃ2.50 if you want a slice of each!  Even though we had a great time and Sylvie had a wonderful birthday lunch it was a shame they were so stuck on their own rules.  


9 thoughts on “LADIES WHO LUNCH

  1. Sounds like it was a good meal, that something that is very rare here. A pity you had to pay for your drinks as you went through the meal, as it does tend to break up the conversation. I think Dymchurch was the setting of the `Dr Synn` books about early bootleggers who stored things in caves. Doing a calculation of Rands to Pounds your day sounded quite reasonable.

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  2. Though I’m well used to ordering the drinks and the carvery all at once and paying then taking the tab to the carvery I’ve not heard of one where you can’t choose a selection of the meats. One of our places has 4 meats but restricts you to 3 choices because the carvery allows 3 slices of meat which is more than ample. My favourite place is also help yourself once the Yorkies and the meat are on your plate. We pay about ยฃ4 for that except Sundays when it’s double. It’s my favourite because it’s the only place I know that sometimes serves boiled onions in gravy as part of the veg choices.
    I hope you find a new place to go that does things the way you like but don’t EVER tease me again by having a picture of Yorkies and roasties at the top of your page. I have teethmarks in my keyboard now.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    • I must say the Yorkshire pud was extremely good! It just makes it so hard when you have to pay up front like that when there are a few of you. We didn’t even have another drink because of it so they lost out there too. It is so much easier to have it all then get the bill and then split it 8 ways…..job done. We even offered to leave a card behind the bar but they would not help at all. There loss as we will not be going there again. Xx

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