This musical premiered at The Assembly Halls in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and proved to be very popular with young and old last year.  Set in 1915 about a war hero called Captain David ‘Reggie’ Salomons, showing his true story about leading his regiment to Gallipoli. 


This is an emotional tale that will bring you tears of joy and happiness.  The twenty young men and women deliver a brilliant performance of bravery and heroism.

A six piece band called the ‘Virgin Soldiers’ make the musical come alive.  Captain ‘Reggie Salomons gets his men ready for battle but has a lot of trouble with a soldier called Jack Hastings and then the soldier tries to rile up the men.

Soldiers and families left behind, boys wanting to join the army, this musical includes it all as it happens in the outbreak of the first world war.

The Dreamers, with on-screen narration from Amanda Redman, Phillip Glenister and Tim Rice debuts in London in the year that commemorates 100 years since the Battle of Gallipoli 


Runner Bean Productions presents The Dreamers.

Book your place to see this amazing historical musical that will have you on your feet what-ever your age.

The Dreamers

St. James Theatre, Westminster

Dates:  30 June – 11 July (evenings at 7.30pm/matinees at 2.30pm on Thursday & Saturday of each week)

Prices:  Premium – £35 / Band A – £29.50 / Band B – £24.50 / Band C – £15 (£3 off for Senior Citizens/Children/Students, except for Premium seats)


Seats can be booked on the theatre website: or by calling the Box Office:  0844 264 2140 


Show trailer:

The Dreamers Anthem: 

Show website:


Photographs from Linda Blacker.


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15 thoughts on “THE DREAMERS 30th JUNE – 11th JULY 2015 ST. JAMES THEATRE, LONDON

  1. Unfortunately we would all like things to slow down a bit , so we can slowly get used to the changes. i don`t feel so bad as i have been doing computing since the 70`s when I worked in the lab for Plessey. The thing then was the computers the size of the room and were programed in languages that are no longer used.

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  2. I used to hear all the Gallipoli stories from my grandfather when he was alive. He could remember all the signals sent from his ship to the Trafalgar and Crocodile but I never checked as they were so interesting. The picture of Reggie looks quite stern. I hope you enjoyed the show.

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