Looking forward to meeting Danny tommorow afternoon in Canterbury.  Any new ways to think up short stories are always welcome.  At the moment I have an idea for a book but I am not sure how to go about it so I am going to have to do some planning which is unusual for me as in the beginning I can normally just write my ideas down.

I had coffee with my friend Angela yesterday and she gave me the idea for my new story so if it does not work out I will blame her! Lol  It is a shame she could not come to this workshop as I think it would of been of interest to her.  

I always enjoy the HG Wells Festival every year as they do some interesting workshops and talks and of course the competition for the short story, which I am half way through so I need to get a move on with that too.  Busy busy busy and not enough days in the week.  Hope you have all had a good week.  We had one day of summer that was great but then we went back to winter, flipping British weather!  


3 thoughts on “WORKSHOP SATURDAY 16th MAY 2-4 pm

  1. I have a weather clock that I got in the UK last year and that always tells me it`s going to rain, but that never happens for 24 hours. being near the sea the humidity is quite high, maybe that`s why. 🙂


  2. That`s the problem with the UK you don`t have seasons, only weather. I`m glad you enjoyed the workshop at least it will give you some good ideas. I`ve tried writing but i`m too practical and miss out all the flowery bits. I have an App for the British Summer, it`s in my next blog.

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    • The weather is so changeable but it is happening all over the world. The weather men and the apps cannot seem to get it correct all the time. I have a couple of weather apps and they seem to both say slightly different things! Lol x


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