I went to Canterbury on Saturday to The Beany which is the new add on building to the original library there that is extremly old.  What a beautiful job they have done mixing the old and new together perfectly.  The HG Wells committee had organised a workshop to be held there by Danny Rhodes.  He is an author with a number of short stories published and novels and also a teacher and lecturer of creative writing.  His main focus was to get people to start working on their ideas and developing them into short stories. The workshop was not as well attended as the last one which was a shame as I think it would of been very beneficial to a lot of people, who could then get their stories started for the competition.  

I have almost finished my story for this but will go back to it in a few days to cut, add and shape it.  I am also looking forward to the next workshop and will let you all know about it soon.  Get writing x


  1. Hey look at you, entering writing competitions and looking wicked all at the same time my sweet friend. Long time no visit from me I know but I am seldom in WordPress these days, I will of course be getting back again soon, hopefully 🙂 lol

    Keep writing Karen and always be wicked 🙂

    Andro xxx

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