Janey Rosen

Author of The Sebastian Trilogy

The lovely Janey sent me these the other day, I am loving the pink pen and it writes really nice.  Just a shame it won’t write great books for me  like Janey Rosen.  It is always so nice to receive something good in the post even if it is just a card to say I am thinking of you.  I know you can say that in text or email but it is just not the same as a pretty card that you can stand up and admire and keep if you want to.  I am a bit of a hoarder and have all the cards that all my grandchildren have ever made or sent me, they are in a box covered in wrapping paper.  I am going to have to do another one though as this one is full up now.  I have put these books on my to buy list as they do look good, I wish there was more time to do lots of reading as I have seen so many books that I want to read this past couple of weeks.  Have you read these books?  What did you think?  I always leave a review after I have finished a book as if I ever had a book published it would make me really happy reading about what people thought and if they were happy with it.   

   Got my own note book now, I’m loving the colour and pictures.  Have a good Friday readers and let’s wish for a sunny long weekend here in the UK. 


  1. Love the posh notebook Karen. I also like the gifts Janey sent you. I wanted to do giveaway bookmarks but couldn’t find anyone who did them. Maybe if I ever get my sixth book off the ground I’ll look a bit harder.
    I hope you have a sunny weekend and Bank Holiday.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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