Corinne came to stay for a couple of days, the weather was lovely so we felt a cocktail was needed to celebrate as the winter has been so long this year.  This restaurant is set by the harbour with great views and a super decking area by the bar upstairs.  Between 5-7 Monday to Thursday the cocktails are 2 for 1 so it would be so wrong not to take advantage of this.  My eldest daughter joined us for an hour as she had never been in there before and she was suitable impressed, I did tell her that any time she wanted to go again I was available lol. We sampled a few from cherry daiquiri, strawberry daiquiri, margarita and Bellini.  All very delicious and easy on the pallet.   

The restaurant uses all fresh seafood caught here and prepared also sourcing fresh local produce so it is understandable that they are up for a best restaurant award to go with all the others they have collected in the four years today they have been there and if you go down today and say happy birthday you get a free cocktail……who’s coming?  Bye xx


The seagulls are often about and can be a nuisance at times but were very laid back in the sun and not bothering us.  


A very good couple days we had shopping and just sitting in the sun enjoying our selfs, at times like this I love living near the sea.  



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