I think I may still be a child in my head as I do always look forward to my birthday, not for the presents even though they are great but seeing family and friends for a happy occasion as there is too much doom and gloom in the world now.  I have not been feeling the best and in the middle of lots of tests so this was a welcome occasion to take my mind of things and celebrate with my favourite people. Friday started with lunch at The Hungry Horse with Billie, Mia, Zac and Kara.  The sun was shining so the children got to play in the garden so they were happy and built up an appetite, as usual the food was great and the desserts even better. 

 I had some wonderful presents from everyone and was very spoilt this year.  Kara got me some great bits for the garden that are all in their home now. 

 My friends were amazing so many wonderful gifts and cards, I particularly loved the handbag card from sheila.  

   Saturday I went to a taster class at The Cube and there will be a blog post soon all about that and everything that was going on down the Creative Quarter in Folkestone over the weekend.  

 Then Saturday evening I went round Jodie’s for my birthday meal, she had cooked the Indian mince and chicken dish that is my favourite and it was delicious in fact I took the rest home and had it Sunday evening too.   

 The cake was coffee and chocolate and will not last long, yes I bought that home too.  My presents were just what I wanted, all the bits for me to start my painting.  I am so excited and cannot wait to get started and show everybody my creations, positive replies only for that please! Lol  

 Sunday I went to the boot fair and picked up a couple of art books and had a wander round the Creative Quarter down the Old High Street and met some new exciting people, blog post coming soon about that. So it was a very good and happy weekend with my girls, grandchildren and the best friends anyone could wish for. Thank you all for a very happy birthday xx 


10 thoughts on “MY BIRTHDAY

        • I love it and wouldn’t change it, watch what you want on TV, eat what and when you like, take up all the bed, covers on off half on, talking to the cat and no one saying your stupid, lay in the bath as long as you like with NO interruptions, no make-up (maybe not for you this one) comfy clothes that look horrid lol. Shall I go on? This is one thing that I can see the glass half full on, all positives. I think I am a loner or maybe it’s just easier when on the days I feel ill I don’t have to worry about anyone.
          Hope you are feeling lots better now xxxx

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          • I can see most of what you say is appealing and I do already have that bit. But taking up all the bed means there’s no-one to snuggle into in Winter.No-one to scrub your back in the bath and no-one to talk to about something you’ve seen or done or sharing a journey and an arrival with.Getting up to treats on birthdays I miss.
            Any man who calls a woman stupid sees the reflection of an idiot in the mirror.I think Love is a glorious thing but it’s a shame not everyone gets to share it.
            Turned the corned now I think.
            xxx Massive Hugs xxx


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