Last Saturday I attended a free painting workshop given by Stephen at the Adult Education building. It was exactly what I needed as he taught us about the beginning of paints and how the first ones were used. Then he went on to the different types of paints, brushes and paper. So now I am an artist lol, I wish. I love the way the paints change depending on things like if the paper is wet or if you add different things to the paints. The textures you can create are amazing. I am definitely hooked and have started painting simple things and just mixing colours to see the range you can achieve from just three basic colours. We all had a go at layering the paints and I was thinking of a sunset over the sea in the back of my mind and this is the result. Which I am very pleased with and it has given me the encouragement to do much more.      
 There are many courses you can attend during the year and they do have free taster sessions for most classes.    
     I will keep you up-dated with my progress. Have a great weekend in the sun, yes, summer has arrived and next week it is expected to be very hot, I wonder how long it will take for people then to start moaning about the heat? It won’t be me! 



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