It is summer here in the UK and temperatures are going to be up in the 30’s for maybe two days but with risks of storms in many places.  AND the moaning has begun!  It’s not like it’s going to be all summer, stay in the shade or indoors.  There are people moaning about wearing suits to work, why? Most of them work in air conditioned offices and if they really don’t want to travel home in trousers and shirt then take a pair of shorts to work to change into, simply solution.  People are leaving dogs and children in cars, people should realise that it is extremely dangerous to leave kids in a car as it’s the ideal time for them to be taken by some nutter!  As for dogs, why would you leave your dog in the car? Leave him at home in the shade or cool room, common sense appears to leave people’s brains!  FullSizeRender (4)

This extreme heat is only for a very short time but the UK just falls apart again, train journeys cancelled because the tracks can bend in the heat, tarmac melts on paths and roads.  There is even a school closed because it is too hot for the children!  School sports days have been cancelled!  What on earth is going on?  Why is there so much moaning over a bit of heat that is not going to last?  Countries survive where they have this heat all summer, why can’t we?  In Australia the temperature has to be over 100 f before children are given the option of going home and in all the time I was there they came home once! FullSizeRender (1) - Copy

Again we have operation stack, this is because the French are striking in the port so no ferries can leave Dover, UK.  So all the lorries that are waiting to leave via boat are queuing on the motorway (M20). This goes on for miles with hundreds of lorries.  All because the government cannot agree on where a lorry park should be, so all us drivers have to suffer as they shut the motorway in parts making the A roads so busy they come to a standstill as well.  Then the French started fires at the entrance to the channel tunnel so the trains were stopped, you know what that meant? Even more lorries parked on the motorway!  Why is it so easy in France for people to get so close to the port and tunnel? They need to be closing it off and then we would not get so many migrants climbing into lorries trying to get to the UK.   I guess the tax payers pay for the company to go and put many, many toilets along the road and then they had to travel up and down giving out water to the truck drivers.  Why don’t the trucks all go to London and form a big circle round Downing Street, I am sure they would come up with an answer then.  FullSizeRender (3)

My daughter did a good dead yesterday and gave a lift to some friends who were going to Ashford, which is a 15 minute journey up the motorway.  It took her two and a half hours to get home with Zac who is 18 months in the car with her, she had water with her so they were fine but good job I could go and pick up Mia from play school or she would have been left there.  I have told Billie stop being so nice and do not go anywhere you don’t have too while this is happening. The friends went to their appointment and got bus home and were back before Billie!  FullSizeRender (2)FullSizeRender (1) - Copy

I think that is the end of my moan, I am now going to the garden to read and enjoy this rare hot weather.  I may even go down the beach and have an ice cream.  If you are in hot weather where ever you are have a great day. X

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