01b28dd732b37ba8253ffdda7c801e71bc8dd26f72  The first time I went to Jamie’s restaurant and I was real happy as not been to one before, I also did not realise how many he had scattered about the UK.   The service is wonderful from the moment you walk in the door as they are so pleased to see you and greet you as a long lost friend….I like that.

01f621cd93135da043a41b077a9388b1e24deeb529013f5ec2511074544244d291739874655e5a0a9992  The salmon salad was just a small one but plenty large enough for a lunch.  Salmon cooked to perfection and served with a beaming smile from the waiter.01cf2bc730c6d3bf4996451f158b64f246c372aff3  When I saw they had dessert cocktails I felt I just had to try one as they sounded so good. 01fdc0799061219531eef236f7658cd63ead224f5301ecfea8f5389ba561b92dc3ffda98205b8cda527aThe presentation was just as you would expect from Jamie Oliver and I can now understand why his restaurants are doing so well.  We had dessert but they came back and said they did not have the one that Lynda wanted so they gave us another cocktail to make up for it…. Hows that for service, I am going back.  The next dessert was not up to scratch and Lynda felt it right to tell them!  I was still enjoying the cocktail but then when we paid the bill they did not charge us for the dessert, well done Lynda.01b96ccf3b272df396b0643f5babac2fab73e86b7aOutside there is a small Jamie Oliver ice-cream van and I decided it was just the right size for Lynda!


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