What a little delight I discovered at the weekend and just up the road!  I have been meaning to go and have a look for ages as a friend was saying how lovely it was.  The campsite is set on the hills above Folkestone and that view is from their garden cafe, which I might add is licensed so what a beautiful way to spend a summers evening.  I just might go there myself.  On a clear day you can see France, what a great place to stay while you do some shopping over there and then come back and drink the wine and eat the cheese watching the boats out at sea.

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There are some hidden away areas for tents and camper vans plus the caravans and they all fit in this unique park.  The cafe is open every day from Easter until the beginning of September.  Such a friendly place and with some local attractions within walking distance or bus or car ride what more could you want.

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I am not sure who Lord Roy Adams is but you can find out when you go and enjoy a little Switzerland holiday in Folkestone.


  1. Hi Nanny, The camp side looks lovely. Must tell my son and daughter inlaw whom have just moved to Folkstone,!!!sure they would love a relaxing summer evening there,a break from all there stressful decorating,,enjoying the scenery, and a vino. Thank you,might even explore myself ,☺xx

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