On Saturday I did a day painting course with Phyllis, what a brilliant day, I absolutely loved every minute of it.  There were four of us so just a small group but very well matched so we all got on extremely well.  We all learnt the art of water colour painting, how amazing the amount of different things you can do.  It was a good job I took a note book and pen as I would never remember it all.


It was amazing how the water and paint work so well together and the tip….take the water to the colour on the paper.  I love how the colour runs up the water, I found it all really soothing, even though I was tired and drained by the end of the session but as I only live round the corner I was soon home.



This was my experiment page, I thought the candle rubbing was good.  I am looking forward to trying out all the different ways, I realise now that it all depends on your paper, brushes and paints you use and you cannot expect wonderful results with the cheapest ones.  I have gone for middle range but I still noticed a difference to Phyllis’s brushes so I may have to get some like that.


We had a Nan and her granddaughter attend the day which so reminded me of myself and one of mine as we often do things together.  Then there was Linda, who was very artistic and is going on to do lessons every week which I think is really great.  Looking forward to seeing some of her work.


These were my two efforts and I was pleased with them but have a long way to go.  It’s all good fun though and I love experimenting with the paints and colours.  How amazing all the different colours you can make from just the three primary colours.

This picture I did with water and nail varnish and mixed it together with a toothpick to create the swirls, I think it’s good and love the colours. image  Hope you have all had a great weekend. x


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