Anne sent me this book to read and I was hooked from the first page, the story is so realistic and the characters warm and believable.  It was lovely trying to picture the scenes in Guernsey, maybe a bit more description would of given me a better picture but it does seem a picturesque place to visit.   The turmoil of the families keep you going to the end and there is enough for a second book if it was carried on as only the basic ending is given here.  I am looking forward to reading more books by Anne.


Had to show you my new notebook that my granddaughter gave me, she knows I love this lady and I have a bit of an obsession with note books.  You can never have too many as you just do not know when the ideas for a new book are going to come to you.  That’s my excuse! lol


I have never seen these flowers before, they are so beautiful I will be looking out for them.  I do spend far too much time on Pinterest but you find so many good things about anything in the world.

My friend is tiling my bathroom today so I had better get back to being her laborer!  Blog post later with pictures, just to give you an idea of my great tools.  She is using a pink plastic salad server to put the grout stuff on the tiles! lol We are having fun and it is looking good.


  1. Glad to hear you are still OK. The flowers are Dahlias, I have so many they are like weeds. This year a lot of them never died down, Must be because the weather was very mild.All the best Leo

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    • Hi, nice to hear from you. I love the colours of those flowers, my garden has done well so far this year but still got the horrid slugs. I have found the copper tape and slug pellets (animal safe) are the best course of action. Karen x


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