Sue sent me this signed book of  Next Of Kin to read and by reading the blurb on the back I knew it was going to be good.  But I was shocked, it is not just good but fantastic and is up in my top three books.  I really liked Girl on a Train but this beats that, yes it really does.  It should be up there in the best sellers list, for a debut thriller she has written a super book.

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What starts off as a brother and sister story with the typical bickering going on but before you know it a lodger appears and things then go from bad to really bad.  There are a few bits that surprised me and I was not expecting but that just added to the suspense.  I never realised I liked these kind of books until I started branching out and reading different genres for my writing. This is definitely a ‘can’t put down’ book and I really hope Sue writes another thriller as she is very good.

I love the way the main character Sarah goes to so many lengths to save the people she loves and you can just imagine someone doing this.  Her brother Ryan is a typical young man but he develops during the book but grows up too late to protect his sister.  Very believable characters and fantastic story that you really must read.

Well done Sue Welfare, looking forward to your next book. x

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