I attended this short four day course given by Kate Emans a couple of weeks ago.  Kate is practicing delivering the course so we were her guinea pigs, there were three of us and a very good mix of people I thought.  I have never done any drawing apart from the usual things at school, one of the things I was surprised about was the basic way most people draw houses, cats, eyes etc all from our school years.  Kate was very patient, clear and concise in what she wanted us to achieve and at the beginning I did think, she is going to be disappointed in my efforts.  I did try really hard and even though it was amazing what we all achieved the others seemed to get a better grip of what was expected.


We started off drawing our own hand through a viewing pane.  One of the key tips is proportions and measuring the palm and fingers so everything looks the same size.  That is the main thing, when looking to draw a chair you measure one part and then relate everything back to that size.  The outside parts are open spaces so you can see them as a shape and draw the shape in rather than thinking, that is under the chair.

With the portrait we did it upside down as we copied the shapes and shading inch by inch so we did not know what the picture was until we had finished it.  Sounds easy but very tricky.


The stick is a piece of Graphite that you use to shade the paper before you start so you have a background that is not white.  To get white bits in or light you use a rubber and for hard to get at places you can get a soft bendy rubber so that you mould it into the shape you need. The doorways were very hard to do as they incorporated angles, which all had to be precise.  I can understand why this took us over three hours to do as you painstakingly measure every line to get the right measurement back to the start line and proportion.

Very intense four days and we were all really shattered at the end of it, it really makes your brain hurt as you are doing things that normally the left side would do, so you sort of have the two halves of your brain fighting against one another.  Extremely pleased I did this though as it will help with my painting and I do intend to keep up with the drawing now I know how to do it.  Super teaching from Kate, you would not of realised this was her first experience at it but she learnt a lot just like we did.  Good fun being a guinea gig as there is not so much pressure on you like formal teaching.

0173a975b675f6a9e9c898469736bb4636262ff3f3   Wonderful self portrait done by Kate.

The book is available on Amazon.


  1. Thanks Nanny Cool! Your drawings were great. My portrait has a Mensa forehead lol from the angle the photo was taken from 😉 It was a great week of immense value to me and I am so glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 xx

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