Today is International Pirate Day and if you want to you can change how your FB pages look by choosing pirate as a language!  Not sure why you would want to but I guess it is fun for the kids. This doesn’t work if you’re using the app though, only from a computer.

October 26th is the day Sunday Dinners becomes available on Amazon, I started reading this last night and I am loving it, funny, down to earth and very real.  I can imagine a lot of dining tables to be like this throughout the world so I am sure loads of you will relate to this and love the book. 

Jon Rance is a local author who lives in Brighton with his family.  This is his fourth book so while you are waiting for this one I suggest you start reading the others as they are great.  I love Jon’s style as I can always picture or seen the stuff happening that he writes about as it is all so normal. 

After a week of rain the sun is shining today, we are definitely in Autumn now which makes me sad as the summer has been so short this year and very patchy.  

Have a great weekend what ever you are doing and think happy thoughts. x


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