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I think this is one of the oldest books that I own, it belonged to my great aunt Hilda.  I can remember her fondly as when ever I wanted to run away I popped next door but one to her house.  I always got a box of Milk tray at Christmas and when ever I was ill she came round with comics and chocolates.  Funny the things you remember out of all the years in your life that they were part of.

Looking through this book there is only one poem that I can remember doing at school and I really liked it, obviously, as I can remember having to learn it and developing a story from some of the verses.

FullSizeRender IMG_2540  FullSizeRender  brook

The Brook by Lord Tennyson.

Can you remember any poems from your school history?

3 thoughts on “NATIONAL POETRY DAY 2015

  1. Good Heavens, at this age I can’t even remember school never mind what we did there with our slates and chalk. I was too busy running up and down chimneys I think. Or is that something I read?
    I sort of remember junior school rather than grammar and wonder what my English teacher (Mrs White) would have made of what passes as poetry now. Mind you, I wonder what she thought of whats passed as poetry then when she read our efforts.
    Tennyson was a great poet.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


  2. I love poetry although as a child I didn’t. I have many poetry books and keep a few of my favourites by my bed. My go to poetry book is Daisy Goodwins Poems to last a lifetime. If you’ve not seen it it’s well worth a look.

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