Reading the reviews for this book and it sounds really good so I was looking forward to reading it.  The story starts with a child being killed so it is a bit dramatic, you then go on to find out about the detective and the families who this all affects.  I guess the suspense is that you do not find out anything conclusive until the end of the book and I found I could not even have a guess as to who committed the murder.  The ideas are good and very true to life if you know an on-line games addict.  I am afraid I found it all to slow, I needed something to keep me entertained and it therefore took me ages to read it but I am glad I carried on as I did really want to know what happened.  I was not expecting the ending at all so that was good.

FullSizeRender (2)

Very well written, believable characters but pace too slow for me.  Don’t be put off reading it though as it might be just right for you.

I will look out for his new book as that also has good reviews.


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