Ready for the word count, I have surprised myself today as done a couple of other jobs as well.  So on day one I have written 2,401 words, to say I am pleased with myself is an understatement.  I am really enjoying writing it and it is just flowing out of me lol  Lets hope that continues I guess I should not get too excited as it is only day one.

How did your Halloween evening go?  I did not have any trick or treats at my door which was good as I was colouring my hair so I would of given them a right scare. Would of been funny though.

I thought my granddaughters face looked amazing, what a brilliant job, in fact all the make up that I have seen on Facebook looked wonderful this year.  I think it made it more popular with adults as it was a Saturday night and also there were a few firework displays so a lot of people were out.  I am not a fan of fireworks though as they seem to be let off any time of the year now and for any occasion.



6 thoughts on “DAY ONE OF NaNoWriMo

  1. That’s a great first day word count. Well done.If some days you make more it allows you leeway on other days so you actually have time to eat and drink. After all, we can’t allow the publicans to go bust while you write…….
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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  2. That makeup is so clever. Halloween was busy here. We bought about 5 multi packs of sweets which had all gone by 6.30 as we get loads of Trick or Treaters.
    Well done on the word count for NaNo. I started last night at midnight and also did a bit more today as am on top of things at the moment. Like you, I find the words are flowing, but then it is only the first day! 🙂

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