We will remember this day forever, the day Paris came to a standstill, then the whole world stood by its side in unity against these terrorists.

I cannot imagine the terror these people must of felt running, laying flat and still or just hiding and waiting for the end.  I saw one woman hanging on the outside of a building from the window sill, how she hung on for so long I do not know but I do know she was terrified for her life, a feeling she will never forget.  No one will forget the evening everything stopped in Paris.

Being concerned about how many words I have written for National Novel Writing Month just pails into insignificant.  I do not have the heart or energy to write as my mind is full of terror, I have just seen that Gatwick airport has been evacuated as a man had a gun in his suitcase, thank god we are vigulant.  Be safe where ever you are and pray for the missing and wounded.

My opinions about the Channel Tunnel are distressing as if migrants can still walk through and disrupt trains for hours then the security must be stepped up, why are they letting them do this?  You cannot get into or anywhere near the tunnel entrance on the British side.  I constantly pray that nothing will happen as it would cause absolute chaos in Kent and surrounding areas with us in Folkestone facing the worse.  We need the prime minister, David Cameron to attend to these matters as we seem to be forgotten with world events taking priority. 

It was wonderful the way social media came into its own last night with the offer of safe houses for the people caught up in the massacre then FaceBook had a page for people to say they are safe.  So very worrying for people with family in any of the areas hit last night.

People will remember this day and mourn the losses for ever, we need to fight terrorism and stand united as one.  Be safe everyone xx 

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