Day 19 and I am on 27,340 words.

It took a while to get going this morning, not sure why.  It’s been a bleak winters day here in Folkestone, the beginning of the hibernating season for me.  I had a friend come round for dinner so I cooked my lasagna, I call it mine as I do it a bit different and use lamb mince as it gives it so much more flavour.  I only have a tiny bit left for lunch tomorrow so it went down well.   I also had a call from another friend that I have not seen for about 5 years so that was a good catch up and we are meeting soon for a bottle of red and Chinese as that’s what we used to do.

I thought this month would go slow as I had to write every day but it is whizzing by and will soon be Christmas.  The children are getting excited, all have written lists and letters.  I have invites to lots of performances, shows and lunches so looks like it will be a busy December.

How is everybody’s word count coming along?  I do corrections as I write for things I miss but I am leaving the full read through until I finish.  Sometimes I don’t write in order of the book, do any of you do that?  I guess everyone has a different way of getting the book down but the main thing is getting it written.  See you all tomorrow for a good writing day. x

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