Those in America are celebrating Thanksgiving I feel it is nice to be thankful for so many things and it got me thinking about what I am thankful for, but where do you start?

For the air we breath

For being alive

For our family and friends

For the food we eat

For the doctors keeping us well

You could go on and on about every single thing that keeps us alive, well and happy.  I guess what ever you are thankful for so long as you are happy and healthy and I think maybe most of us wish to be a bit more wealthy then those are the main things.

I am thankful for being here and the present, hoping the future will be better in some ways.  I love the feel of joy when I am with the grandchildren and the happiness they bring me.  I may of failed in some ways as a mother, I think we all do a tiny bit as we have no manual but I hope to get it right being a grandmother, mine were a hard act to follow but I think I am doing ok.

I am thankful to be alive even though I am unwell a lot but once I accepted that and changed my life accordingly I feel better.  Although today I feel like shit, can hardly move and have been in bed all day I know I have done to much and am now paying for it.  I blame The Folkestone Book Festival for having such great events.

What ever you are thankful for, be happy and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my posts, blog, web-site, Instagram, Pinterest, Blog-Loving, Google and anywhere else you see a part of me. xx

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone x 




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