<img src=”; style=”width:100%;height:auto;max-width:818px” alt=”I’ve just entered the UK Blog Awards #UKBA16″>
I have entered the Blog Awards as thought it would give my blog a bigger audience, well that is the plan.  You can vote for me by clicking the link.  Many thanks if you do.

My fingers are stiff and sore today like all my other joints so no writing.  I have been flicking through social media and been kept amused by some posts.  I also feel much better that I am a bit large as it has nothing to do with the cakes or chocolate I eat!   

I have an extra rib so it is all because of that! Lol.  

I am going to Jade’s dance performance tonight at her school and that is the most I will be doing today.  Have a great weekend and find time to chill.  Good luck if you are on the last road of the NaNoWriMo but as people keep telling me it’s the participation not the winning. 


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