As soon as you walk in the main entrance you are entering a grand era and that is exactly what you get, with many rooms available for stays and also apartments to live in.


In the ballroom there is even the original gas lights and the first sprung board dance floor that the king danced on first.  The tour you can take on a Friday at pm is well worth the £7.75 and you get a cream tea at the end, which is delicious.

Original stain glass windows and wonderful wood work has all been restored to a very high standard.  You do not realise how big the hotel really is until you know that at present there are over 100 rooms not even used, this is because they need to be restored to their earlier glory.

This is one of the suites you can stay in when visiting Folkestone and this is one of The Penthouse suites.

As you can see the rooms are very different and many sizes and can be hired out for a variety of occasions.


The Grand Hotel is just perfect for a wedding or even just an evening stay.  The staff are so helpful and will make you stay unforgettable.



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