I guess I should start with my granddaughter Kara’s 18th birthday on Saturday. What a brilliant night we all had at The Royal Oak being entertained by the lovely Chris Andre.

 Kara had a brilliant birthday and there were a few sore heads the next day.

I even got a picture of the first time at the bar getting a drink, I bet she won’t do that very often! Lol.

18 years, it just does not seem possible, where do the years go?

I had the hospital again this week for more tests on my heart, not a very nice one and completely wiped me out.  Next lot are the middle of January so I can at least enjoy Christmas and forget about it all for a while.

Lunch with the girls was wonderful as always and full of laughs.

Zac turned two and will be off to nursery in January.

My eldest daughter celebrates her birthday tomorrow and her best friend from school had her first baby on Thursday.

I am now having a couple of jama days as absolutely shattered and hurting everywhere but at least I will be doing a bit of writing and of course you can find me on social media.


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