I have been having a slow morning reading FaceBook etc and I am surprised at the number of people taking their decorations down today!  

I must admit I can see the appeal as you just want to get back to normal and everything does look very clean and spacious afterwards.  I grew up to leaving them up till the New Year in fact the very last day, which I think is twelve days after Christmas. That does not appear to be the case anymore, why is this?   Maybe because the days return to normal between Xmas and New Year now with people going to work and everything being open. 

Are we constantly in a rush to get to the next event, I have seen Easter eggs for sale already and some advertisements for valentine Day meals.  Maybe we should just stop and enjoy the moment instead of wishing our life away. 


10 thoughts on “DECORATIONS

  1. Some traditions are going by the wayside these days and partly it’s down to people being bombarded with the Next Happening the moment the current one ends. So Cadbury’s cream eggs on sale on Boxing Day signifies the next event to prepare for. I seem to remember Woolworth’s starting that trend years ago.
    I don’t think 12th night matters so much now as it’s likely to be a workday and no-one wants to start the clean up mid-week.But it would be good if people could hang on till the weekend before.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx

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  2. We have taken down our tree, just because if we don’t do it now, while we are off, it might not get done for some time. Besides my boys say the tree is merely a portal for the delivery of presents. I like it, because it is so sparkly and colorful, but the little needles start getting into my carpet and my OCD nature cannot deal with that.

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  3. At my house we “celebrate” New Year’s Day by taking down all the Christmas decorations. We have friends who put up a real tree who have taken it down already because it is losing needles. We have other friends who leave the tree up until after 12th night. As many traditions as there are people.

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