Lunch with the girls was in Ashford this week at a well known chain The Harvester and a little tip if you go on their website you can get a voucher for 25% off your meal or a free Tapas starter with your main meal. So we had a bargain lunch as well as a very good time, it cheers me up so much so meet up with my friends as they always make me laugh.

The menu is new but a good selection to choose from, we were all counting the calories but only two of us were very good and did not have dessert.  We celebrated Jackie’s birthday so she got lovely presents, the conversation ranged from Christmas to things only girls chat about!  The food was excellent and I remembered photos today, well done me, actually they all reminded me, lol.

Next to this restaurant is Bybrook Barn garden centre that sell just about everything you could think of and had a sale on which knocked 75% off of everything so I got a couple of bargains.  The animal department is one of the best around with the staff being so helpful and knowledgeable.

Sharon and Sheila had a cup of tea instead of dessert and Sharon was most put out that the T pot did not have a lid and they were given mugs instead of cups!  It was a bit cold too.  We managed to have a laugh though and a good time was had by all, roll on February and the next lunch.


7 thoughts on “THE HARVESTER – ASHFORD

  1. I see you bunch of reprobates are moving further and further out from your home base. I hope that doesn’t mean you’ve been banned for having more food fights closer to home.
    Judging by the laughter you all had a great time.Get togethers are fun, I’ve got one on Sunday in Prestatyn but I promise to behave.
    xxx Mega Hugs xxx

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