Feminism, what does it mean to you?  If you are like me it brings back memories of The Suffragette movement and years later women burning their bra’s.

This book takes you on a journey with the author Bee Rowlatt to discover what the first celebrity feminist Mary Wollstonecraft discovered on her journey.  The sense of achievement they both felt while travelling from country to country with their child, not an easy thing to do what ever year you do it in.


This story encloses you into the depths that it goes to discover what feminism is, how it has changed or has it?  Woman have evolved but they still negotiate careers and babies with remarkable strength but the one thing that was present years ago and today, it all revolves round the love we have in our lives and for what is ours.  Love gives us the power to continue and up-hold all we hold dear as we stroll down the path of life.


This book was amazing, it took me longer to read as I was devouring every bit of information and feelings that it evokes in you.  Bee Rowlatt is an amazing author and woman and this comes through the entire book.  Well done Alma publishing for bringing this book to us, it is wonderful and I highly recommend it.


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