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Don’t you just love magazines?  I always have to pick one up whenever I go to a shop, I figure if I spread it out then I won’t realise how much money I spend on them.  That’s my logic lol.  This one is really good as it is delivered to your home or work address every quarter, think I will save my next one and read it Sunday morning in bed.  Lots of useful beauty tips, fashion, music, cookery and stories so it really does cover almost everything that today’s woman needs in a magazine.  It is super hot of the press and only started in circulation last year so I am sure it will change and grow and I really want to be part of that growth.

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There was a super story about Bliss Bakery in this one and I have so found the birthday cake I would like this year.  No I am not 80!  Before you comment! lol



I did feel good when I read the article about the Apps you should have and I already had three of them!  I would love to write an article for them, maybe I could do a travel one about my trips away with the grandchildren or about Nanny Cool, the coolest Nan in Kent. I will keep thinking about that one.

Subscriptions are £10 a year for the printed mag, £5 a year for the digital copy or £12 a year to receive both the digital and printed copy! 

Their Facebook page is:

Orders can be made via the Facebook page or via email:

Twitter and Instagram they are @lovefrommag

So there you have all the details, be sure to tell them I sent you along and I will keep you up-dated about how great this magazine is.

If you would like to catch up with the lovely Flo and tell her how great I am you can find her here:

Florence’s own blog is


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