January seemed to go on for ever, cold days and long dark nights one after the other.  Winter is such a boring time, apart from when your curling up in front of a log fire with cake, chocolate and a good book or looking out the window at a winter wonderland of snow.  Yes, they make it all sound so lovely in stories but real life it’s a bit different, sitting by a radiator or getting into bed as it’s warmer with freezing feet after trudging through wet dirty ice.

Then comes February a short month, thank goodness, half term for the children, nights getting longer.  But then you get Valentines Day, which appears to be getting a bigger deal every year and lovely for the couples, if they both remember and know exactly what the other wants and how to celebrate or they won’t be a couple for much longer.  For all us single souls it is a pain in the arse, I am sick of being reminded in adverts, shops, on line, magazines actually every where you look and hear as it’s all over the radio too.  Why can’t we have a ‘I am single Day’ and all wear a badge then when we pass someone at work or out and we like them we say “hello.”  You never know you might meet the love of your life at the bus stop, in the doctors or absolutely anywhere you decide to go that day.  I think it’s a great idea, don’t you?


4 thoughts on “FEBRUARY

  1. I’m up for anything that doesn’t remind me I’m alone so getting a card to remind me of it may not be the best idea, wearing a badge to advertise it may just be rubbing it in a bit too.
    How about an ‘I shop for one’ badge for in the Supermarket instead?
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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    • It’s just so wrong that everything costs so much more on that day, you can do it any day if your in love. I just find it all depressing when on your own. Not that I don’t like being on my own it’s nice not to be reminded xx

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  2. It’s a holiday I really could do without. You can’t easily go out to dinner because, to borrow from that great Yogi Berra line about a popular restaurant, “No one goes there anymore; it’s too crowded.” Plus they jack up the prices with a “special Valentine menu,” which is basically a limited offering of what they usually offer only at a much higher price. Roses, which I faithfully buy each year, always cost double the normal price. I know this because I buy roses and flowers all year long for my wife! I just spend more on that day.

    Yet, it’s Valentine’s Day. So I still do these things. But I must admit my heart — yes, heart– isn’t really fully engaged with the forced commercial celebration of this so-called holiday. Except for writing these thoughts of mine on your thoughtful post, I generally keep them to myself! 😉

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