I think some people only read the first part of my previous post and then assumed that I was putting down our library.  Lets get it clear that I wasn’t!

I know a lot of you did understand what I was saying by your comments and pings. Thank you very much.

The world is changing and I am afraid that they have to as well or they will not survive, the hard part is getting these things to happen.  I thought the ideas that I came up with were good but I was told that the libraries do what they can with the small advertising budget they have.  I was suggesting all free ways such as the local pages on Facebook, free papers, play groups, schools.  None of the schools take the children to their local library anymore!

As it was National library day today I looked up their pages on Facebook as I belong to them to see if I was wrong….but no, they were doing nothing today, they did not even say that it was National Library Day!

I am not saying it is like this all over the country, just in my part of Kent.  So it is no surprise to me that it is not used anywhere near enough as it could be.

Sorry, I am ranting but finished now.  Have a good evening. x

2 thoughts on “LIBRARIES PART TWO

  1. It’s a waste of a major resource in getting children reading by having them visit their library to see what’s on offer. No school library could hope to compete. It makes sense to resume the school trips as it makes sense for libraries to use their web sites to inform the public about special book related days and any special events being held at the library on those occasions.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

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