It was our monthly lunch this week, we celebrated Sheila’s birthday at the lovely bistro Follies.  Such a great atmosphere in this restaurant with all the antiques in every knock and cranny and wonderful staff that never rush you and explain all that you would want to know.   One of the great things that I like is that the starters you can have as a main meal so it sounds good if you say your having a starter and a dessert! I do like the desserts here and their cakes are splendid.  

Nachos with lamb, ground lamb with hummus, lasagna and cannelloni all went down a treat.  

Sheila got some lovely presents…… 

We had a laugh with the Lemon Merangue but think they better change the name to Lemon Bon Bon or something as there is no Merangue in those.  The Tiramisu was delicious, think I will have some ice cream with it next time. Sticky toffee pudding and custard disappeared quick as did the coffee and walnut cake.  

Sometimes you cannot please all the people all the time and poor Lynda was a bit put out that they gave the ice cream she asked for in a tub and not a glass bowl, we did try to cheer her up by telling her she should think herself lucky as it was a proper spoon and not a little wooden one, like you used to get with the tubs. Lol We did laugh. 

Another brilliant get together, it does make the months appear to go fast though as they come round all to quick.  I love our little group as everyone gets on so well, no playground fallouts, I guess because we are all old lol.  

The chandeliers they have for sale are so nice, I wish I lived somewhere they would fit in.  I took pictures of the menu so you can all have a look and I think it’s great to show the prices of things as this is viewed in so many countries now.  They are also doing a two for one breakfast menu at the moment which is fantastic value and choices.  Every Thursday the pizzas are £5 each!  Bargain.




  1. There was I ready to say nice things about the place and how well behaved you must have been last time when you suddenly show your cruel side by putting a menu up that starts- Bacon Baguette! My eyes refused t go further and my attention was fixed. If my niece hadn’t bought me a Titterton’s Pork Pie for my tea I might still be licking the screen.
    xxx Gigantic Hugs xxx

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