We so deserve a day for us, presents would be good so feel free to pamper us (To the many men that read this)   

We have come a long way from bare foot and pregnant tied to the kitchen sink but is it all good.  I must admit that when I was working long hours, travelling all over the South East lecturing there were days when I would of loved to have been in the kitchen cooking cakes with not a care in the world.  I guess the answer is balance but we are not very good at that as if it needs doing then we do it or we worry about it and then the day to day stress sets in and all we want to do is relax.  RELAX, how often does a working mum get to do that, after spinning all the plates to keep everyone happy all she wants to do is sleep.  

They say change is good but boy how the times have changed and not always good but we take the good with the bad.  If we did a poll of working family women I wonder how many would say they would prefer to be at home tied to the kitchen sink?  

For the single working women we have come a long way and are now doing many male jobs but still not getting paid the same, this is wrong, gender should not dictate wages.

There are many events celebrating the success and power of women today but we don’t need to attend as we know we are good and if you want something doing well then do it yourself!  Lol

Have a powerful day and enjoy the day that celebrates women all over the world. 



  1. Well, great sentiments, I hope you were pampered. I love the sign, Love like there is no tomorrow. The idea is sound, the execution may not be. Mine would be better reading ‘Eat bacon like there is no tomorrow’ I could go for that. I would like to love again but I’m not allowed dogs here, not even guide dogs.
    XXX Huge Hugs xxx

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