I have obviously been sitting writing too long today as I am freezing, even a hot cup of tea has not helped but at least I can feel accomplished. 

 I have two new books to review so I think reading will be on the agenda for the weekend but I have completed all reviews outstanding on my blog, Goodreads and Amazon!  I know I deserve a reward but there is more, I finished the travel article about the mini break to Amsterdam and included photographs and sent it off so hopefully fingers crossed they like it.  I will be doing one when I go on the road trip to Devon and Cornwall later in the year so it would be nice to have them all printed.  

I have also been invited to a book launch on Easter Sunday, more details about that later.  Then I even wrote another couple of chapters towards my novel, it feels very good to accomplish so much in one day but I still have a list of more things to do but crossing some off was a good feeling. 

I have some other news and that is, one of my stories has been selected for the 2016 Folkestone Anthology, I was so excited and happy.  That makes three that I appear in now, a very lovely feeling. 



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