So it is Good Friday and what is different from a normal Friday?  The only thing here in the UK is that offices are shut until Tuesday and there are no workmen anywhere but apart from that it is everything as usual.  How so very different from a few years ago when everything was shut today apart from the fish van going round the streets selling people their dinner as you always had fish on Good Friday.  The shop keepers only get Easter Sunday and Christmas Day off now so no long weekends for them, is this all good or have we gone too far now in expecting everything to be open for 24 hours, is this really necessary?  Where has the family time gone, some Dads do not get to see their own children for days, is this good for the future?  What about the pressure this puts on the Mothers, they live like a single parent for days or even worse still are the Mothers and Fathers that both work and the children are put in breakfast clubs before school and then after school clubs and then some are picked up by child minders.  Is this really the way forward?  I guess we will see the damage that it is doing to our children in the next generation, already mothers are leaving it later to start families as they just cannot afford it.  Would it be so bad if places were shut on holidays and Sunday’s?  I can see the value in having garden centres and DIY shops open but do we really need everything else, when all households have a freezer so there is never a shortage of food.  

Happy Easter everyone x 

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