The sun was shining as I made my way down to Rye in East Sussex this morning making it a beautiful drive through the Marsh.  Arriving at the bookshop I could see that it was already busy with two authors doing their signings.  I have only read Guys book, Death in Profile which I read in three days so yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it and am now really looking forward to the next one in the series of The Hampstead Murders.    What a good feeling knowing there are more great stories coming from an author you like.



Hampstead, London is where the murders take place but the police find it hard to connect any of the leads they have so eventually they use a psychological profile but even that does not turn out as straight forward as they would hope.  This leads them to convict the wrong person forcing the police the look at the facts again and try to solve the murders in Hampstead.

This book has you trying to guess who has committed these crimes and I must admit it lead me on a false trail and I never did guess who did it until the end.



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