What a lot of talented people all in one place and such a variety of goods for sale all hand made.  My favourite was Rhea’s stall as she is my friend, you have to support your friends lol.  I find it amazing what she does with things she finds on the beach, such a creative brain.  Putting some shells on a clock sounds so simple but I can assure you if I tried it there is no way anyone would buy it!  I guess I am lucky that people read my blog, not that I am saying I am good at it but the main thing is, I enjoy writing.  I think it is good that people have an escape, even if it is just reading a book as we all need something for us in our busy lives.

Rhea’s daughter Eden, her number one fan.

I loved the knitted bunting, I wonder if my friend Jackie could make me one if i buy her lots of different pink coloured wool?  Lets hope she reads this, lol.

My daughter Jodie thought these tables were really good for camping and festivals, no more empty glasses where they keep falling over in the grass.

I do love all the different styles of candles you can get, what I do not like is the price of them all as after one evening of burning they are gone.  I like the everlasting battery candles also they are safer, but these were very pretty.



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